Do I really need to equip my cellar with an wine cellar air conditioner? A classic conditioner is not enough? It often happens that new wine lovers will pose these questions about their own wine cellars. Often the mistake is to believe that having a cold temperature is enough to get a perfect wine cellar; the true is that it is needed a right amount of cold, the correct humidity of the air and, above all, a system that avoids abrupt changes of this factors. These are the essential elements that the classic air conditioners cannot offer.

The refining and aging of a wine bottle is like a journey in time where aromas and perfumes take shape and taste during a proper rest, away from the light. A good wine, although created with good quality grapes and with the highest professionalism and passion, can easily be ruined when being stored under unfavorable conditions. That’s why the wine cellars air conditioners become an essential tool for the conservation and aging of your wine.


Wine cellar air conditioner: why it’s the better choice?

Classics and domestic air conditioners are working from 15°C up; instead, the wine is optimally preserved in a cellar with an average temperature between 12 and 16°C. A classic conditioner removes humidity and excessively dry the air of the wine cellar. This impairs the elasticity and permeability of corks in wine bottles, allowing oxygen to penetrate into the bottle and quickly oxidize the wine with a consequent and premature aging. The wine cellar air conditioner BACCO keeps under control the temperature and also the humidity, which is replenished when it goes below the safety thresholds. Of course, wine cellars conditioner is not always enough to guarantee itself the maintenance of ideal conditions of the cellar; the characteristics of the room are decisive, including the isolation of the walls, the floor, the door and the presence or not of windows. Insufficient insulation will also cause an increase of the operating costs of the wine cellar conditioner, since it will make it works more.


Why should I buy a wine cellar conditioner BACCO?

Each individual unit of the wine cellar conditioner BACCO is constructed and assembled in the traditional way with the highest care and professionalism in each detail. The suitability of this equipment for its purpose is guaranteed from the high quality materials and from the expertise of MONTEC, a company leader in production of industrial and commercial refrigeration parts. BACCO is the essential accessory for any ideal wine cellar.