Humidity Control System standard equipped on each wine cellar conditioner (cooler) BACCO
Wine cellar air conditioner - wine cellar cooling unit BACCO 90 SP

BACCO 90 wine cellar conditioner is suitable for rooms up to 90 cubic meters*

*Volume estimation based on a properly isolated room

Wine cellar conditioner BACCO is designed and built focusing on excellence, attention to details and materials. We know that anyone who has a wine cellar wants to optimally preserve their own wine; the role of the wine cellar conditioner is crucial to maintain an ideal microclimate controlling temperature and humidity. To achieve this goals, you need an excellent wine cellar conditioner.

BACCO is an italian product present on the market from over 10 years. Its control system and its components are the result of a continuous improvement aimed to obtaining the maximum quality. The goal is to make your wine cellar not just a simple “refrigerator”, but a place that favor the slow aging process that will elevate the taste and fragrance of your best wines.

Temperature control

Wine is a delicate product that doesn’t like changes in temperature and intense light. To preserve and refine the wine it’s important to have a wine cellar conditioner to keep the temperature stable between 14 ° and 17 °. For this purpose the digital controller of the wine cellar conditioner BACCO is set by default to 16°C. But we must keep in mind that the maintenance of the wine cellar temperature does not only depend from the cooling capacity of the air conditioner; it’s important to consider the isolation of the whole room: walls, front door, floor and windows, each one should be well isolated in order to facilitate the job of the wine cellar conditioner, to save energy and ensure its functionality through time.

Humidity control

Another essential parameter for the preservation of the wine is the humidity rate of the air; inside a wine cellar it should remain between 60% and 80%. Regular conditioners dry out the air and don’t have any humidity control system; this is extremely deleterious for the corks because they dry and this accelerate the oxidation of wine, generating a premature aging and changing the taste and flavour it should has. The wine cellar conditioner BACCO, instead of the majority of other products on the market, is stadard equipped with a humidity control system: it is able to detect in real time the humidity of the room and, at need, to activate a humidifier that replenishes the moisture within the desired values. That’s why BACCO is the best choice to take care of your wines.

Wine cellar air conditioner - wine cellar cooling unit BACCO 90 SP | Outdoor Unit

Outdoor unit

The outdoor unit structure of the wine cellar conditioner BACCO is built with a powder painted metal sheet and it is weather-resistant. It contains the cooling coil and the low-noise rotary compressor. The fan of the outdoor unit is an helical fan with large air flow. The outdoor unit is connected to the indoor unit via copper tubes. The gas used in the cooling circuit is the environment-friendly R410a. The unit provides the possibility of a discharge of condensed water.

HEIGHT530 mm
WIDTH762 mm
DEPTH254 mm

Indoor Unit

The indoor unit is entirely built in brushed stainless steel AISI 304; the high efficiency evaporator is formed from copper tubes and aluminum fins and protected froma grid that keeps out any foreign body. The two supply fans are of helical type. The indoor unit, which is connected to the outdoor unit, is equipped with two copper pipes approximately 700 mm long: that’s enough to pass through a normal wall. The unit provides a discharge of water condensation.

HEIGHT525 mm
WIDTH835 mm
DEPTH’265 mm
Wine cellar air conditioner - wine cellar cooling unit BACCO 90 SP | Indoor Unit
Wine cellar air conditioner - wine cellar cooling unit BACCO 90 SP | Control Panel

Regulating and control electrical panel

The structure of the electrical panel of the wine cellar conditioner BACCO is made of brushed stainless steel. Main parameters are managed through a specific microprocessor controller DIXELL for refrigeration applications, temperature and humidity control. The controls are electronic, with bright LED display and easy settings. The electrical panel displays in the upper part the air temperature, in the lower one are shown the humidity rate, state of the compressor and any alarm. A magnetothermal circuit breaker is equipped to protect the compressor.

HEIGHT245 mm
WIDTH255 mm
DEPTH95 mm

Controls are electronic, with bright LED display and easy setting. The air temperature is displayed in red at the top, while the humidity rate is highlighted in yellow at the bottom of the display. In addition there are information on the status of the compressor, as well as any alarms. There are also a circuit breaker to protect the compressor and a 3 meters electric power cable.

Probe for the measurement of temperature and humidity

The DIXELL temperature and humidity probe monitors two parameters, interacts with the control unit in the control panel and adjusts the operation of the wine cellar conditioner BACCO and its (optional) humidifier. The temperature and humidity probe is connected to the electrical panel with a 3 meters electric cable, this allow positioning the probe in the most appropriate point of the wine cellar for a proper culling (generally the best location is next to the wine shelves, at medium height).

Humidifier (optional)

The adiabatic water-atomization humidifier is sold as optional. It is connected to the temperature-humidity probe and automatically maintains the proper humidity rate inside the wine cellar. In order to obtain a continuous and automatic operativity, the humidifier must be connected to the eletricity grid and the water network. The machine is equipped water tank approximately large as a glass, which is emptied when the machine stops to eliminate the possibility of mold and bacteria. For this reason it must be provided a water drain release.

HEIGHT318 mm
WIDTH302 mm
DEPTH339 mm

Summary table of the technical characteristics*

FeaturesBacco 90SP
Wine cellar room volumeup to 90 cubic meters**
Bacco 90 SPcold only
Installation typewall
Supply voltage230 V / 1 Ph / 50 Hz
Cooling potentiality2500 W
Cooling power consumption750 W
Cooling rated current 4,2 A
Min. internal operating temperature 8°C
Cooling max power consumption 1050 W
Cooling max current consumption 4,6 A
Min/Max external operating temperature from -5 to 38 °C
Liquid/gas pipes diameter 1/4” – 3/8”
Compressor type Hermetic
 – Engine protection NTC
Heat exchangers Battery with aluminium fins and copper pipes
Air temperature digital reading
% Humidity digital reading
Condensate drain pipe 12mm diameter
Air filter yes
Humidity probe cable length 3m
Electrical supply cable length 3m
Indoor unit electric fan type Helical
 – Indoor unit weight 18 kg
Outdoor unit electric fan type Helical
 – Outdoor unit weight 26 kg
Outdoor unit noise level ≤ 51 dB (A)
Outdoor unit protection grade IPX4
Coolant R410a
Coolant charge 0,650 kg (pipe up to 6m length)
Instruction manual yes


* The above specifications may change to achieve continuous performance improvement. Therefore MONTEC srl reserves the right to modify them without prior notice.

** Data refers to an adequately insulated room, with particular reference to: walls, doors, floor and windows.