Who is Montec srl

MONTEC is a company specializing in the production of copper, aluminum and steel curved pipes, mainly used for industrial and commercial refrigeration. In addition, MONTEC assembly refrigeration circuits and water circuits by the brazing technique, which are primarily used for the production of refrigerated counters for supermarkets, cabinets and blast fridge, machines for the production of ice cubes, heat pumps and machines for air conditioning. MONTEC also produces coils of various types, copper meanders, steel and iron pipes used in the pews and cooling systems, in radians and solar panels.

Thanks to these skills and many years of experience, MONTEC created BACCO: a line of Air Conditioners for wine cellars units really efficient and easily adaptable to customer needs, putting the experience of industrial level products (which must have a high level of reliability, in addition to efficiency) on a series of air conditioners suitable for domestic use.

In addition to BACCO, MONTEC launched in 2016 its own Boiler heat pump line under the EVO brand, also with 20 years of experience.