Nuovi modelli dei climatizzatori per cantine BACCO


Climatizzatori per cantine: nuovi modelli e performance migliori Grandi novità per i climatizzatori per cantine BACCO a partire da gennaio 2018. Montec infatti non smette mai di lavorare ai suoi climatizzatori per cantine per  incrementarne le performance, le funzionalità e l'estetica. Ci sono giunte tantissime richieste per climatizzatori per cantine in grado di lavorare in ambienti

Standard equipped digital humidity control system


When you think about a wine cellar, everyone imagine a perpetually cool place. The temperature factor is certainly important for the conservation and the storage of wines, but in the common thought is underestimated an equally important aspect for the proper preservation and maturation of wines. The humidity control The ability to control the humidity

Our new BACCO 20 model is under the testing phase


BACCO 20, standard equipped with humidity control system, is the new model of BACCO wine cellar conditioner and will be very soon added to the catalog of orderable products. Compared to the two bigger brothers and BACCO 90SP and BACCO 130SP, the new wine cellar conditioner BACCO 20 doesn't have an external unit, and it

The insulation of the wine cellar


The wine cellar is the place for aging and storing wine in the bottle or wooden cask; the room insulation it's a key factor to the efficiency of this place. Often people use as wine cellar a basement, a normal closet or storage room, or just not used room; to perform its functions and keep

Air-conditioner for wine cellars or classic conditioner?


Do I really need to equip my cellar with an wine cellar air conditioner? A classic conditioner is not enough? It often happens that new wine lovers will pose these questions about their own wine cellars. Often the mistake is to believe that having a cold temperature is enough to get a perfect wine cellar;

The ideal wine cellar


Right cellar, better wine. A good wine, to be called such, needs care and attention from the grape harvest to storage inside the wine cellar, and this final step of the process is really crucial, paying particular attention to the climate of your wine cellar. To encourage the proper aging and keep intact the quality

Wine aging and refinement


The most rewarding experience for every wine lover is the moment when, after years of waiting, you can taste the wine carefully preserved, waiting for the right occasion to be savored. This experience, however, could be ruined a bitter surprise: though the stages of aging of wine in the cellar are not treated in the