BACCO 20, standard equipped with humidity control system, is the new model of BACCO wine cellar conditioner and will be very soon added to the catalog of orderable products. Compared to the two bigger brothers and BACCO 90SP and BACCO 130SP, the new wine cellar conditioner BACCO 20 doesn’t have an external unit, and it is much more compact: its small dimensions (450x230xh725mm) make it ideal not only for small rooms (up to 20 cube meters) or wall cellar cabins; it is also perfect to create small wine-cellars inside yachts, ships, or catering and street-food vehicles.

The wine cellar conditioner BACCO 20 is capable of measuring and maintaining constant (insida an adequately isolated room) the values ​​of temperature and humidity. It’s made in Italy from MONTEC srl and completely built in brushed stainless steel and the pipes for the sampling and evacuation of the air are adapted to the thickness of the walls.

Currently the wine cellar conditioner BACCHUS 20 is under the stress-testing in our technical cellars, to verify its reliability in stressful conditions. Soon we will give you information on the technical characteristics and the results of our tests. Keep an eye on our website!