When you think about a wine cellar, everyone imagine a perpetually cool place. The temperature factor is certainly important for the conservation and the storage of wines, but in the common thought is underestimated an equally important aspect for the proper preservation and maturation of wines.

The humidity control

The ability to control the humidity rate inside a wine cellar is one of the most important factors for good and proper wine storage. A parameter that the real experts know they need to keep under control because a micro-climate too dry in a wine cellar can completely alter the organoleptic properties and flavors of your wines.

We know it, that’s why all our models of BACCO wine cellar conditioners are among the few in the market to be standard equipped with a probe for humidity control, as well as temperature. The humidity of the wine cellar can be continuously monitored thanks to the control panel. In addition, if you choose to equip your BACCO wine cellar conditioner with a humidifier (which is sold as optional), you can also take advantage of the automatic humidity adjustment, setting the desired value on the control panel.

Rapid changes in temperature and humidity are the most are the main cause of the premature aging of the wine; that’s why it is always advisable to have a wine cellar air conditioner BACCO, complete with the humidifier unit which has the full control of all important parameters for the preservation and refinement of your best wines.