Right cellar, better wine. A good wine, to be called such, needs care and attention from the grape harvest to storage inside the wine cellar, and this final step of the process is really crucial, paying particular attention to the climate of your wine cellar. To encourage the proper aging and keep intact the quality of wine is essential that the wine, bottled and stored in the cellar, can’t be compromised in no way from external factors such as excessive heat or cold, humidity levels unsuitable and unpleasant odors.

The humidity of the wine cellar

Humidity is definitely one of the key factors for the conservation of a good wine: the moisture of the wine cellar has to be pretty high, preferably above ‘80%. The humidity rate of the cellar is closely related to the use of corks: infact, once the wine bottles will be positioned horizontally, the cork will inevitably get in contact with the wine inside the bottle; if the climate outside is too dry, the cork could not properly seal the bottle and some air may enter inside affecting the quality of the wine. For this reason it’s essential to equip your cellar with a wine cellar conditioner BACCO that ensures the proper humidity rate.

The temperature of the wine cellar

Temperature is another key issue for the conservation of the wine in the cellar: the wine cellar conditioner BACCO is specially conceived to keep in the ideals cellar temperature values. The ideal temperature inside a wine cellar has to be constantly between 10°C and 14°C, depending on the type of wine stored. For red wines it is suggested a temperature of 14°C, while the white ones require some degree less: in this case the right temperature it’s about 11/12°C. The temperature of a wine cellar is closely connected to the light: it’s important that your cellar is completely dark because the light tends to ripen too quickly the wine, compromising its quality.

The art of wine production can be tricky but with the right technology products the wine storage is no longer an obstacle: BACCO wine cellar conditioners are designed just for this use, and they are the fruit of the research and top quality construction techniques signed by MONTEC srl.