The most rewarding experience for every wine lover is the moment when, after years of waiting, you can taste the wine carefully preserved, waiting for the right occasion to be savored. This experience, however, could be ruined a bitter surprise: though the stages of aging of wine in the cellar are not treated in the right way, your precious wine will inevitably lose in flavor and quality.

The aging of the wine inside the cellar

After the maturation phase, which takes place in large tanks without air, many wines are ready for bottling since they don’t require aging because they can be consumed “young”. Many other wines need to pass through the aging step. The aging of wine, also called “elevation”, occurs inside wooden casks. The wood is able to allow the passage of a limited quantity of oxygen, favoring a slow and smooth aging process. The wood also gives the wine different flavors and it balances the final taste.

The aging of the wine, ruled from precise laws, is a common prerogative of all DOC wines. In this phase it’s necessary to provide the wine cellar an air conditioners as BACCO, which guarantee the perfect levels of humidity and temperature for aging the wine. Maintain proper moisture inside the wine cellar increases the productivity and helps to prevent desiccation of the barrels and wine evaporation.

The refinement of the wine inside the cellar

Once the wine is properly aged, it’s the time of refinement step. In this phase the wine, after being bottled, must rests in horizontal position; this favors the refinment enriching the wine of new aromas. Even at this stage the use of wine cellar conditioners BACCO is particularly useful because the humidity and temperature values ​​needs to be kept constantly under control. Inside an ideal wine cellar the humidity rate should be quite high (from 60 to 80%).

The temperature should be kept optimal according to the type of wine to be retained. From the aging to the refinement, the art of wine storage hides some dangers. For this reason is really important to equip your wine cellar with high quality technologies to ensure a higher chace of success of the final product. Born from the union of top quality construction techniques and professionalism of MONTEC company, the wine cellar conditioners BACCO comes from a deep research and high innovation and they are the best allies for storing your wine.